How to Login?

1. If you dont have EOS account, create one using https://irex.io/ , https://eos-account-creator.com/ , https://www.zeos.co/en/home or download "eos LYNX" from appstore and buy for $1
2. If you didnt install scatter yet, please follow this to install scatter
3. Press the login button to login through Scatter

I press login button nothing happen?
- If you click login button scatter wallet should pop out asking you which account you prefer to login
- After selecting the account you should be able to login, if still cannot refresh the website and press login again

How to walk?

- Mouse click the floor to walk around
- Mouse click the green arrow to go to next area

How to fight monster?

- Mouse click the monster to select monster, then click attack to attack
- Monster level 1 located on map -4,4, so go to that area to find them
- If you unable to click the monster, rotate the screen using Q/E so can click easier
- Wait patiently until you kill 1 monster, then you can click rebirth to get material and magic sand

How to zoom camera

-Zoom the camera using WASD, SPACE + WASD to pan zoom, Q/E to rotate

How do I check the blockchain database?

-This game run on EOS blockchain, you can check the entire database on https://bloks.io/account/sandhero1234 (click contract tab, click contract table)

How many type of monster, material, item?

- There are now 4 type of monster, 50 type of material and 56 type of item

How to progress to higher level in this game?

- Craft better item for your hero, equip item to your hero, merge item, level up item, level up hero, buy pet, level up pet, equip pet to make your hero stronger, once you are strong enough you can consider to kill higher level monster



当进入游戏后,按sign in scatter


游戏的所有数据都可以在https://bloks.io/account/sandhero1234查寻,按contract tab,按contract table


可以按WASD来zoom游戏,Spacebar+wasd是pan zoom,Q/E可以旋转镜头

新手先去到map -4,4那里打一级的小怪 按怪,然后按attack,scatter 弹出来后,按接受