Recent Update:
You need to clear cache and refresh the game to see changes
11 Mar 2019
- PVP tournament
- player can now add referral and earn magic sand
- player can click map and fly to that area
- got announcement on the front page
- improved UI for all screen panel
- PVP arena

25 feb 2019
- all update apply to android and Iphone

24 feb 2019
- now mat market and item market can see 100 item(web only)
- now equip weapon and merge weapon can see score percentage(web only)
- now button have color when click(web only)

19 feb 2019
- fix unable to filter red mat and red item (android and web only)

18 feb 2019
- chinese translation done on all 3 platform(web,android,iphone)
- first hero is now free

13 feb 2019
- Iphone available to play boss fight
- Chinese translation done 80%
- boss defense is 40,000 in game not 20,000 so display correct damage amount
- buy mat and buy item show mat name and item name
- if zero kill dont show white box

10 feb 2019
- I have remove annoying pop out after idle for 1 minute (web version only)
- Temporary everyone can sell up to 9 mat and 9 item if they have 3 hero

6 feb 2019
- Now you can see boss dead when boss hp = 0

4 feb 2019
- Now boss fight can be played on android
- fixed text too long for rebirthall+rebirth reattack all
- fixed player unable to see boss HP left and also total damage done

3 Feb 2019
-Now you can see what item you can craft in book material
- add boss fight where 20 top player will be greatly rewarded

25 Jan 2019
- Now player can use token Pocket wallet in android

23 Jan 2019
- Player can now play sand hero on Iphone

18 Jan 2019 6:30pm
- Fix unknown mat causing inventory cannot see other mat

18 Jan 2019 9:55am
- Added 14 highest level item

17 Jan 2019 12:35pm
- Now you can rebirth all, rebirth reattack, rebirth reattack all
- item level 5 will show max level

16 Jan 2019 10:00am
- Android version is available

15 Jan 2019 10:26pm
- Fixed smart contract pet back always give same mat, this one no need refresh cache

12 Jan 2019 6:52pm
- You can now send pet out to hunt and gain magic sand and mat

10 Jan 2019 8:43pm
- Now on left player have greendot indicate which hero you controlling now
- When inventory max have reached, will hide the + button
- When doing craftable craft, panel will close
- When selling mat or item Will now show minimum sell price

9 Jan 2019 12:28pm
- Fix craftable button not display all item can craft

9 Jan 2019 9:35am
- Now buy log and sell log show the mat or item you buy or sell
- Now you can hide other player if you dont like to be in overcrowded situation
- After trashing mat or item the toggle is off

8 Jan 2019 10:21pm
- add another 20 type 1 monster so its not too overcrowded

8 Jan 2019 12:30pm
- add craftable button so you know what you can craft

6 Jan 2019 9:20pm
- fix marketplace cannot see last row price
- now ranking page can see player level
- add 10 new red mat

6 Jan 2019 3:13pm
- Added gift function and give all player 2000 free magic sand

5 Jan 2019 7:34pm
- Now you can see HP bar on left side for all 3 hero

4 Jan 2019 12:48pm
- Now all player name will face camera so you can read them easily

3 Jan 2019 9:49pm
- Balance fixed, last time kill 1 monster give 1 sand, high level player can kill 100k monster in one day, so I reduced the sand given by divide 50, minimum is 1

3 Jan 2019 9:01pm
- Now when you rebirth the game will tell you how much time have pass

3 Jan 2019 7:51pm
- Now all item have better name
- Now when you click item on market it will tell you required level

3 Jan 2019 10:15 am
- update map to show location of monster level 1 so new comer will know to fight monster level1

2 Jan 2019 6:30pm
- now marketplace item have wider space so its look not too tight together
- minor fix on text and description

2 Jan 2019 2:20pm
-now error message will tell you if CPU limit not enough

2 Jan 2019 10:17am
- Add 10 more type1 monster and 10 more type2 monster into the game
- Now minimum sell price for mat and item is 0.001 EOS

1 Jan 2019 12:34pm
- Now all item in item inventory and market have item score and item level

1 Jan 2019 10:40am
- Now player can see item score for their hero and also other people hero

31 December 2018 9:27am
- Fix player cannot see hero2 or hero3 fight
- Fix player sink into the floor sometimes
- Fix player duplicate himself sometimes
- Fix monster duplicate themself sometimes

31 December 2018 8:39am
- Now player cannot passthrough monster like passthough ghost
- All player will be push away by monster

31 December 2018 1:30am
- New found material now have color code
- fix wrong information about "minimum level requirement to equip"
- fix buy 5 pet
- fix player can only choose from 5 pet to equip, now can choose from 10 pet to equip

30 December 2018 5:33 PM
- I put rebirth button on middle of the screen so it wont spam you anymore

30 December 2018 8:24 AM
- Now you can see color code and level for item for your hero
- Now you can see color code and level for item for other player when you visit them
- Now you can see color code and level for your pet

30 December 2018 7:00 AM
- Fixed error message so now its shorter
- Monster health bar look smaller now and not blocking view